Sunday, 18 September 2011

About Us


  Hi and welcome to Chesterfield Sling Library. I decided to start a sling library to make babywearing more accessable to more people. There are so many benefits to wearing your child and if you find the perfect sling its even better!

My name is Lindsay, I am a mummy of 4 young children and have been babywearing to varying degrees for nearly 10 years now. With my youngest child I made the decision to be a full time babywearer as I had lots of little hands to hold whilst out and about. My good friend Karen has come on board as an Administrator to help keep paperwork on track, Karen herself has only just recently started to learn about the benefits of babywearing.

I believe there are many benefits to babywearing for both carer and child and, given the opportunity to try out different slings and carriers, a style to suit most people.

Do you live in the Chesterfield area and have an interest in babywearing?

Would you like to find out more about it or find the perfect sling/carrier for you and your child?

At Chesterfield sling library we offer a choice of sling/carrier for you to trial. All of our slings are safety tested - I have tried my 4 year old in them as well as manufacturers testing and we loan nothing I wouldn't use myself. All slings come with instructions on how to use them.
We are a non profit group and any money from joining and rental fees goes to obtaining more slings for you to try.

We are situated at Holmebrook Valley Family Centre, Wardgate Way, Holme Hall, Chesterfield, Derbyshire. S40 4SL and we operate on Tuesday afternoons 1.30-3.00pm term time.

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